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Our experts can provide you with advice on selecting the best pieces.

Our experts can provide you with advice on selecting the best pieces.

Our experts can provide you with advice on selecting the best pieces.

Our experts can provide you with advice on selecting the best pieces.

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The classical style of furniture is characterized by features from various past eras, such as classicism, baroque, and rococo. While it may not be the most affordable segment, the classic style speaks for itself and requires no advertisement. It exudes a simple elegance and is mesmerizing in its nobility and mystery. Such furniture is suited for the finest homes and for those who appreciate beauty in the details.


Soft and graceful lines define this style, which eschews straight lines in favor of rounded edges. Natural materials are predominantly used, with ash and darker shades being prominent in the color scheme. This style is particularly suited to those with unconventional living spaces.

Though designing an apartment in the modern style may seem daunting, it only requires a bit of courage to create true works of art

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is known for its unique combination of various historical eras and cultures, including Egyptian, African, and Indian influences. This fusion of styles results in a simple and elegant design, characterized by curved lines.

In the production of furniture and interior items, brown and light shades are often utilized


Provence-style furniture is known for its unique qualities. The main difference is that the furniture must be either antique or artificially aged, giving the impression that it has been part of the household for generations. Additionally, each piece is made according to special sketches, ensuring that no two Provence-style interiors are identical.

Fashion Brand’s

Меблі в класичному стилі – це меблі, яким притаманні особливості меблевого стилю різних минулих епох: класицизму, бароко, рококо та ін.

Проте, класика – це не економ-сегмент. Швидше, цей стиль не потребує яскравої реклами, позбавлений яскравої химерності та помпезності. Він добре сам по собі, буквально заворожує своєю шляхетністю та таємничістю. Такі меблі гідні найкращих будинків та власників, які цінують прекрасне у деталях.

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Knobloch Timea

I’m Timea Knobloch, the owner and designer of Design-T furniture salons. Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty of different cultures, arts, and architecture. My interest in design and fashion led me to start my own business, where I prioritize harmony and comfort in all aspects of life. Together with my creative team, we help design and furnish your dream home, cottage, or office, tailored to your personal style preferences. With almost 20 years of experience, we’ve furnished countless interiors with great attention to uniqueness.

Our collaboration starts with a detailed consultation to discuss our clients’ needs. We then offer alternative options, with a particular emphasis on reflecting the individuality of the inhabitant in every aspect of the design. In addition to furniture, we offer carpets, electrical, and decorative items, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers with impeccable quality. We’re available to assist you anywhere in the world with confidence.
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